For vendors

The main question is: “Who does not follow the recommended prices?”

You are a contractor/distributor of a specific brand or brands on the European market and and you constantly argue with the sellers about abiding the recommended prices? Are you in the midst of excuses about who dropped the price first and you have no compelling argument to identify the culprit of the endless pricing spiral of your products? We will help you stabilize the price levels of your products on the online market just as we helped many others. 

It sounds very simple

but what does it actually mean ?

Firstly you need to have relevant information about the price of your products at the end online retailers. This information has to be accurate and up-to-date, so that you can react to them correctlyand most importantly on time. And this is the information that we supply to the most successful companies on the online market in the form of online monitoring for the last 17 years.


With Pricecheck data you get a clear and unquestionable overview about the price “ruiners\”. You can link the data right into your internal information system and keep your sale prices still at your disposal.

To set up the online monitoring correctly, you need to know the following:

How affordable are my products on the online market?

Am I interested in monitoring of all vendors or only of the selected ones?

The monitoring itself takes place in several automated steps:

Upload of your data
(the so-called input data)
  • an automatic update
  • any amount of your so-called "user" data, e.g. your ID, product manager, etc. (for subsequent filtration)
  • any format (XML, CSV, XLSx, SQL)
  • via any environment (FTP, URL, WS, SAP, etc.)
Of your data
  • by an intelligent automatic machine with the possibility of manual intervention
  • also intended for products from the “non-electronics” assortment
  • including correct product variants (colours, sizes... Etc.)only
  • only of relevant products (does not apply to second-hand, unpacked, damaged products)
output data
  • completely configurable
  • possibility to divide reports according to any parameter (brand, e-shop, user data)
  • any format (XML, CSV, XLSx, SQL)
  • to any environment (Email, FTP, URL, WS, SAP, etc.)

Possible results may be the following:

Who sells at lower prices?

Who has lower prices depending on stock availability?

What stock availability do our competitors have?

Who changes price the most?

What is the situation of individual categories of my assortment?

Who was the last one to change the price?

Date and time Producer Product Shop Previous price Actual price
25.7.2018 17h whirlpool acwt 5g311/wh Obchody-plus CZ 7986.0 (25.7.2018 14h) 7400.0
25.7.2018 17h whirlpool akzm 8480 nb Obchody-plus CZ 14990.0 (25.7.2018 14h) 12195.0
25.7.2018 17h whirlpool goa 6425/wh Lacnenotebooky CZ 8518.0 (25.7.2018 14h) 7751.0
25.7.2018 17h whirlpool goa 6425/nb Lacnenotebooky CZ 7356.0 (25.7.2018 14h) 6694.0
25.7.2018 17h whirlpool goa 6423/nb Lacnenotebooky CZ 7985.0 (25.7.2018 14h) 7266.0
25.7.2018 17h whirlpool acm 928/ba Lacnenotebooky CZ 13849.0 (25.7.2018 14h) 12603.0
25.7.2018 17h whirlpool acm 836/ba Lacnenotebooky CZ 8518.0 (25.7.2018 14h) 7751.0
25.7.2018 17h whirlpool art 9811/a++ sf Lacnenotebooky CZ 15981.0 (25.7.2018 14h) 14542.0
25.7.2018 17h whirlpool akzm 6630 ixl Lacnenotebooky CZ 12910.0 (25.7.2018 14h) 11748.0
25.7.2018 17h whirlpool art 9610/a+ Lacnenotebooky CZ 14215.0 (25.7.2018 14h) 12935.0
25.7.2018 17h whirlpool smc 604f/ne Eva CZ 11990.0 (25.7.2018 14h) 10990.0
25.7.2018 17h whirlpool goa 6425/nb Eva CZ 8990.0 (25.7.2018 14h) 7311.0
25.7.2018 17h whirlpool goa 6423/nb Eva CZ 7990.0 (25.7.2018 14h) 7490.0
25.7.2018 17h whirlpool acm 920/bf Eva CZ 11972.0 (25.7.2018 14h) 9990.0
25.7.2018 17h whirlpool acm 918/ba Eva CZ 12490.0 (25.7.2018 14h) 9990.0
25.7.2018 17h whirlpool akp 742 ix Eva CZ 7990.0 (25.7.2018 14h) 6490.0
25.7.2018 17h whirlpool sw8 am2c xr Eva CZ 14990.0 (25.7.2018 14h) 14989.0
25.7.2018 17h whirlpool sw6 am2q w Eva CZ 11990.0 (25.7.2018 14h) 10990.0
25.7.2018 17h whirlpool akzm 8420 ix Eva CZ 13990.0 (25.7.2018 14h) 11153.0
25.7.2018 17h whirlpool tdlr 70220 Eva CZ 9990.0 (25.7.2018 14h) 9130.0
25.7.2018 17h whirlpool akr 749 ix Eva CZ 2990.0 (25.7.2018 14h) 2785.0
25.7.2018 17h whirlpool akzm 8480 nb Elektroplus CZ 14990.0 (25.7.2018 14h) 12241.0
25.7.2018 17h whirlpool tdlr 60112 Electro CZ 9490.0 (25.7.2018 14h) 7290.0
25.7.2018 17h whirlpool wnf8 t2o x Alza CZ 12990.0 (25.7.2018 14h) 11890.0

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